Manifesto of Black Lives Matter

My Dear Family,

What follows my little introduction is the Manifesto of Black Lives Matter. This is the group whose ideology, for a great part, anti-Catholic, is supported and lauded by thousands of misguided souls – which include government leaders, politicians, heads of state, Protestant clerics and many in the higher echelons of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. How this can happen is a mystery. All a bishop or priest needs to do is to read the following document and see how many of its points are clearly against Catholic teaching. To make it a bit easier, I’ll illustrate the most obvious of these points in this font. In addition, the underlying premise of BLM’s “raison d’être,” outlined in the first five paragraphs, is clearly false. The statements that are contradicted by BLM’s activities are so indicated It is also important to know that the underlying philosophy of BLM is blatantly socialist. Continue Reading Here

Communist America

Dear Family,

Rather than put this in the bulletin, I thought I’d put it on the website. In these “troubled times” (oh, how I hate the myriad descriptions these days: desperate times, tense times, difficult times, trying times, WHATEVER times), I thought it a good idea to reflect upon a few things that minds with great vision have offered us over past decades. None of this is my material. Some of this I possibly gave you before, but, again, I’m simply the messenger here. Continue Reading Here

FSSP St. Joseph Catholic Church, Rockdale, IL Bulletin For Saturday, July 11 through July 19, 2020

Dressing for Church

Yes, it’s quite hot. Yes, it’s summer. Still, there is a certain amount of decorum that should be observed when entering God’s House and worshipping Him at Mass. These are not the times to sport your favorite beach-wear, regardless of how sporty and fashionable it is. Nor should shorts and flip-flops rule the day. Our church is verynicely air-conditioned so, it’s not too much to dress modestly and, yes, tastefully, for God. Gents should make every effort to wear dress slacks and, at least, a sport shirt. Ladies are always at their most beautiful in a tasteful dress or skirt and blouse. Should ladies choose slacks, remember looser is always more comfortable than tighter. Think Betty White rather than Kim Kardashian.

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