Mass Schedule: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Rockdale, Illinois; Saturday, May 14 Through May 20, 2017

Sat., May 13 5th Sunday of Easter (O.F.)
4:15 pm (O.F.) Joseph Barker Req. by Darlene Lazarra

Sun., May 14 4th Sun. after Easter (2nd cl.)
10:00 am Pro Populo

Mon., May 15 St. John Baptiste de la Salle, Confessor (3rd cl.)
7:30 am Sally Polesel Req. by Anonymous

Tue., May 16 St. Ubaldus, Bishop/Confessor (3rd cl.)
7:30 am Mary Vicich+ Req. by Mr. & Mrs. Bob, Vicich

Thur., May 18 St. Venantius, Martyr (3rd cl.)
5:15 pm Kevin Hansen Req. by the Reichstadt Family

Fri., May 19 St. Peter Celestine, Pope/Confessor (3rd cl.)
7:30 am Friends of the Suffering Souls Req. Monica Becker

Sat., May 20 St. Bernardine of Siena, Confessor (3rd cl.)
8:00 am-Minooka Dennis Dire Req. by Darlene Lazzara

Sat., May 20 4:15 pm (O.F.) 6th Sunday of Easter (O.F.)
Lorraine Purdy Req. by Carol & John Pichla

Sun., May 21 10:00 am 5th Sunday after Easter, (2nd cl.)
Pro Populo

Father Magiera is looking for volunteers for data entry. This would be for the parish database system. Please contact Father if you are interested in helping him out. Some computer experience/typing is helpful. 

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