Mass Schedule: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Rockdale, Illinois; Saturday, June 24 Through July 2, 2017

Sat., June 24 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (O.F.)
4:15 pm (O.F.) + Lorraine Purdy, req. by John Pichla

Sun., June 25 External Solemnity of The Sacred Heart (2nd cl.)
10:00 am Pro Populo

Mon., June 26 Ss. John and Paul, Martyrs (3rd cl.)
7:30 am + Herman Kabara, req. by Wife and Family

Tue., June 27 Feria (4th cl.)
7:30 am Elizabeth Hansen, req. by Michael Hansen

Thur., June 29 Ss. Peter and Paul, Apostles (1st cl.)
5:15 pm + Mary Vicich, req. by Mr. & Mrs. Art Weese

Fri., June 30 Commemoration of St. Paul, Apostle (3rd cl.)
7:30 am + Lorraine Purdy, req. by Kay Kezerle Lorenc

Sat., July 1 The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord (1st cl.)
8:00 am Tom & Tina Donahue, req. by Karl Maurer

Sat., July 1 Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time (O.F.)
4:15 pm (O.F.) Patricia Tamayo, req. by Tania Croffi

Sun., July 2 Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (2nd cl.)
10:00 am Pro Populo

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