Mass Schedule: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Rockdale, Illinois; Saturday, Dec.16,Through Dec. 24, 2017

Christmas Mass Schedule:
Ordinary Form: 4pm, Sunday, 24 December, Christmas “Midnight” Mass
Extraordinary Form: Midnight Mass 12am Sunday-Monday, 24-25 December
Extraordinary Form: Christmas Mass during the Day, 10am Monday, 25 December

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Fraternity Of Saint Peter (FSSP) Live Mass Channel

If you are new to the Traditional Latin Mass or haven’t been to one in many years, here is an excellent website to familiarize yourself with the Traditional Latin Mass. You can visit churches in four countries and view a daily Mass or a Sunday Mass Live or prerecorded. The site even has a link to the Missal and Breviary. Also, please come to St. Joseph in Rockdale Illinois and pray the Mass with us during the week and on Sundays. (We have St. Edmond Campion Missals in each pew available so you can follow along.) The schedule is is listed in the bulletin each week. We hope to see you soon.


December 6, 2017 St. Nicholas Day

The Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor is one of the most popular oriental saints. The spiritual and temporal needs of his flock were the first object of his pastoral care. This worker of miracles died A.D. 342 his body was eventually enshrined at Bari in Italy.

The earliest miracle of St. Nicholas was preformed when he was a young boy. On his way to his studies he came upon a woman with a withered hand. He stopped and approached her and laying his hands upon her, prayed to God, and made the sign of the cross. Her hand was healed.

Collect: O God, who didst adorn the blessed Bishop Nicholas with countless miracles: grant, we beseech Thee, that by his merits and prayers we may be delivered from the flames of hell.

Postcommunion: May the Sacrifice, which we have received, O Lord, on the festival of Thy holy Bishop Nicholas, preserve and protect us for evermore.

Happy St. Nicholas Day.